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Create your own Live, Automated, Like-Live, Multi-Day Challenges and Just-In-Time webinar funnels effortlessly using the platform trusted by more than 18,000 businesses, all in a matter of minutes.


Broadcast live in real time

Host Live webinars as often as you like for that personal touch, with no lag or delay. Intimate, personal, and high-converting.No need for Zoom


Pre-recorded, evergreen / On-Demand

Upload a live webinar recording, or just record from scratch and upload the video file, then have your webinar starting within a few minutes every time someone registers


Host multi-day challenges

Fancy running a 3, 4 or 5 day challenge? using Webinar Savvy you can host multi day challenges to convert more sales

Like Live

Host Recorded Content

Combine live interactions with the convenience of recorded content. This is the perfect Hybrid model for when you want to run regular live webinars, but you don't want to deliver the same message every time.

Manage the Chat Roll in real time, but play a recorded webinar

A complete solution for all your needs

WebinarSavvy adds so much to your business

  • Sell more of your courses, programs or services without any technical skills needed

  • Sell around the clock 24/7, or live as needed

  • Turn any website into a lead and sales machine

  • Maximise webinar registrations, webinar attendees and sales with our high converting funnels and robust email & SMS follow up system

  • Choose between live webinars, automated webinars, instant-watch funnels, like-live webinars, multi-day webinar series, meetings, and more...

  • Launch webinars, meetings, virtual summits, challenges, workshops, and any type of online virtual interactive event

  • Run multiple automated webinars a day, a weekly series, one-off like-live events, or even an instant watch option to run "video sales letter" style funnels

  • Run sales webinars, training webinars, or any type of webinar you want with ease

  • Explode your total leads watching your webinars by giving hundreds of webinars a month without going live on a single one

  • Maximise webinar registrations, show ups and sales with our unmatched feature set

  • Host your entire webinar funnel in our tool without external page builders or web hosting needed

  • Host your course content or updates without going live

  • Use our built in sales tool suite to sell more offers directly on your webinars

  • Re-market to your leads right from inside our tool based on who watched and didn’t watch your presentations, and how much of them they watched

  • Use our powerful integrations to capture your leads elsewhere if need be

  • Have a team member handle live chat questions while the pre-recorded webinar presentation plays, or have attendee questions sent to your email directly, without you needing to be in the webinar room

Effortlessly Create Every Aspect Of Your Webinar Funnel

Say goodbye to boring registration pages that kill conversions, stifle uniqueness, and hinder effective message delivery.

WebinarSavvy empowers you to swiftly and effortlessly personalise all your webinar pages within seconds, enabling you to optimise registrations, attendees, and conversions.

Modify any element you desire, seamlessly and swiftly, using our user-friendly page builder – even switch to any language with ease!

Everything You Need in One Place

WebinarSavvy not only manages your webinar watch rooms and Replay rooms, but also hosts your funnel pages! This eliminates the need for external website hosting and eliminates the hassle of integrating with tedious page builders. It doesn't get simpler than this.

  • Registration Page, Holding Room, Watch Room and Replay Page

  • Reminder emails and SMS

  • Follow up emails with replay links

Live & Like-Live Chat Roll

When you are running a Live webinar, you can choose to run the Live chat yourself, or you can give admin access to someone else to manage the Chat so you can focus on your presentation

With a Like-Live Webinar, you can just hit play to run the presentation with a pre-recorded webinar and then manage the chat in real time, giving the impression the webinar is actually running live.

  • Manage the chat yourself

  • give admin access to someone else to manage the chat while you focus on presenting

  • Upload a previous chat roll to your Automated Webinars, or add chats manually to give the impression of a real time webinar.

Elevate your sales using webinar promotions.

Configure offers to appear at precise moments during your webinar presentation.

These completely adaptable offers can significantly enhance your conversion rates and sales by providing your attendees with a visual call to action, a direct link to your checkout page, and even a countdown timer for optimal urgency!

  • Tailor Offers to appear just as you make an offer in the presentation

  • create handouts to allow downloads, or other giveaways

  • Incorporate a countdown timer to enhance take up.

Let A.I. Do all the work

Of course, this wouldn't be complete without AI. You can massively speed up your copy and design by using the Built-In A.I. tools

Create an Action Taking Headline and Call to Action

Integrates Fully with all the following CRM and Email Platforms: -

Frequently Asked Questions: -

Does WebinarSavvy run automated or live webinars?

WebinarSavvy has plans that support both automated and live webinars. You can scroll to our pricing section to choose a plan that works for you based on your need for automated webinars or live webinars as well.

What software does this replace?

WebinarSavvy automated webinars replaces your existing automated webinar software. A plan with live webinars and meetings could replace Zoom, GoTo Webinar, and any other live webinar tool.

Do you offer refunds?

We have a 7 day, $1 trial during which you can cancel any time within the 7 days before being billed again. After the 7 days, you will be billed for the full price of the plan shown on the screen.

Does WebinarSavvy work on my computer?

Yes! WebinarSavvy is browser based. You can access WebinarSavvy from any device with an internet connection.

What if I have other questions?

WebinarSavvy comes with training and 24/7 email support in case you ever have any questions.

How do I switch between plans?

If you’d like to switch between plans (for example, between monthly and yearly, or between different plan tiers) simply send us a support message at [email protected] and we’ll take care of it for you.

Can I use WebinarSavvy alongside my existing website?

Yes! With our embed options, you can place WebinarSavvy registrations onto any existing website setup to grow your leads and sales.

So you host our webinar videos and pages for us?

Yep! We host your webinar videos and pages for you. You can, alternatively, choose to host your videos and pages on your own setup while still leveraging us for webinars. The choice is fully yours!

Do I need any tech skills to make this work?

No! WebinarSavvy does not require any technical expertise whatsoever!

Does WebinarSavvy build all of the pages I need?

Yes! Everything is created for you from start to finish inside WebinarSavvy.

Does WebinarSavvy support multiple languages?

Yes! WebinarSavvy allows you to add custom text in any language across all your webinars.

Are there Any Discounts Available?

Yes! If you are a client of LeadAutomate then you get a discount of 50% - with the top level of Lead Automate (Ultimate) You get WebinarSavvy completely Free!

Our Pricing



Run Live Webinars

  • Unlimited live webinar funnels, up to 500 attendees per live webinar

  • Record All Live Webinars

  • Up to 8 presenters per live webinar

  • Live meetings up to 20 attendees

  • Unlimited registrations and attendees

  • Perfect for webinars, summits, challenges, workshops, training, etc.

  • Plug & play high converting webinar template for boosting any business’s sales with webinar

  • Pre-created example webinar funnels for coaches, consultants, course sellers, agency & SaaS businesses

  • 50% Discount available for LeadAutomate users

  • Full Integration (done for you) with LeadAutomate for advanced Lead Generation and Follow up

  • Get 2 Months free when paid annually



Automated + Live + Challenge Funnel Webinars

  • Full Integration into your CRM

  • Unlimited Live, Automated (evergreen) webinars and virtual events and funnels up to 1,000 attendees per webinar.

  • One click to use a Live Webinar Recording in your Automated Webinars

  • Multi-Day Challenge Webinar Funnel

  • Up to 8 presenters per live webinar

  • Live meetings up to 20 attendees

  • Unlimited automated (evergreen) webinars and virtual events and funnels

  • Unlimited registrations and attendees for automated events

  • Host Like-live, just-in-time, instant watch ongoing series webinars, multi day webinars & challenges

  • Perfect for webinars, summits, challenges, workshops, training, etc.

  • Plug & play high converting webinar template for boosting any business’s sales with webinar

  • Pre-created example webinar funnels for coaches, consultants, course sellers, agency & SaaS businesses

  • Available for FREE when you subscribe to LeadAutomate Accelerate level + Done-For-You Set Up

An unmatched feature set

You won't find a feature set for webinars like this elsewhere...

  • Automated / live webinars and virtual events with guest presenters support

  • Meetings support

  • One day and multi day / multi part webinar support

  • Webinar series support (weekly, daily, monthly, etc.)

  • Just-in-time automated webinar options (5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, and ability to add multiple just-in-time options)

  • Instant watch / instant replay (video sales letter style funnel)

  • Display how many minutes left before webinar starts on registration form

  • Built-in email & SMS follow up

  • Integration with dozens of marketing CRM's, and Zapier & Pabbly for access to integrate with tens of thousands of other applications

  • Built-in webinar video hosting

  • Built-in, fully fledged, drag & drop page & embed builder

  • Built-in high converting webinar funnel templates

  • Embed registration forms, widgets, thank you pages, and entire watch rooms

  • One-click webinar registrations

  • Optimised for all devices

  • Marketing templates and AI training

  • Full support to help you get started fast

  • Built-in handouts, offers, polls during live or automated webinars

  • 100% HD audio & video quality

  • Lightning fast webinar funnel pages

  • Built-in webinar replay pages

  • Powerful Lead Automate integration (Done For You with Full Support)

  • Discounts available to Lead Automate users

  • Advanced re-marketing segmentation

  • Public API access

  • Toggle sign-in and / or password protection for webinars

  • Build funnels fully customised in any language

  • Easy conversion tracking

  • Fully customisable chat room, chat library, and AI chat simulator

  • Fully fledged webinar analytics

  • Webinar calendar invites

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